Do You Need a Tree Removal Permit in Marietta, GA?

Do you need a tree removal permit as a property owner? The short answer is: possibly. In this post, Life’s Tree Doctor, your expert tree service contractor in Marietta, GA, explains more about how this works in our town. 

If You’re a Residential Property Owner

You don’t need to apply for a tree removal permit or to notify the municipality if you’re in a single-family home. However, you do have some responsibilities in terms of the county code.

Dead or Dying Trees

You must deal with a dying, dead, or diseased tree as quickly as possible. For example, if there are tree injuries due to storm damage, you must deal with them. 

Where necessary, you’ll need to arrange tree removal. If you don’t and the tree falls, you’re liable for any damages it causes. 

A Tree on Public Property Falls Onto Your Land

Any part of the plant that crosses your property lines is your responsibility. You’ll need to clean it up and remove it. The city will remove the portion left on public land. 

The only exception is if you’ve reported the tree as hazardous before. If so, the City’s Street Department is liable for the expenses. 

A Tree on Private Property Drops Onto Public Property

You’ll need to take care of the portion that is on your property line. The city must remove the rest. However, you need to notify the relevant department as soon as possible. 

Your Tree Falls Onto a Neighbor’s Property or Vice Versa

Each owner is responsible for the section that’s on their property. The only exception is if one property owner reported the tree as hazardous to the city. In that case, the tree owner is fully liable. 

Your neighbor might also be able to sue you if they gave you a written warning of their concerns about the tree. If it was a healthy specimen that fell victim to a storm, there’s not much your neighbor can do. 

However, if there are signs of infestation or disease, you may be liable for damages. 

If You Have a Multi-Family or Commercial Property

You’ll need to apply for a tree removal permit no matter what the case is if you own a commercial property. This applies even if the tree is dead or dying, although the city will fast-track urgent applications. 

When considering your application, the city gives preference to preserving specimen trees. They’ll also consider the overall impact of removal and whether or not that tree is of historical significance. 

Call Us for Help

Navigating the corridors of power in a small town can be daunting. The application for a tree removal permit is relatively simple if you know what you’re doing. The hard part is to properly justify why you’re removing the plant. This becomes particularly tricky if it’s a specimen plant or has some historical significance. 

When in doubt, reach out to Life’s Tree Doctor. We’re your expert tree removal service and locals, so we know how to work with the city planning departments. 

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