Here’s When To Trim a Tree in Marietta, GA

Trees make your home look more beautiful and welcoming. On top of that, they give you shade, privacy, fruits, and more. To continue enjoying all these benefits, you must give your trees extra loving care, and this includes trimming them regularly. 

Trimming helps improve your tree’s structure, aesthetics, and safety. You can also do it to repair storm damage, improve views, and provide clearance for power lines and other infrastructure. It pays to know when to trim a tree, or else you’ll do more harm than good to the tree. 

In this blog post, our professionals at Life’s Tree Doctor, a trusted tree service in Marietta, GA, delve deeper into the best time to trim trees. Keep reading for more information. 

when to trim a tree

Why It’s Best To Trim Your Trees in the Fall and Winter

When you trim your trees at the right time, you encourage them to grow and thrive. So, why should you do the trimming in the fall?

During this season, your tree’s internal systems start slowing down as it transitions into dormancy—a period of inactivity. Dormancy helps the tree survive the winter’s frigid cold, ice, and frost. 

As the environmental temperatures drop, the tree begins to convert the water in its tissue into starch. This starch acts as insulation to protect cellular tissue against freezing damage. Dormant season pruning helps your trees quickly heal the wounds from pruning cuts before the spring season arrives with diseases, pests, and other detrimental stressors. 

However, note that knowing when to trim a tree isn’t always enough. You also need to understand property pruning techniques. Poor techniques like lion-tailing, topping, or over-trimming can compromise tree healing even if you do the pruning at the right time. 

Key Things To Consider When Pruning Your Trees

Now that you know the best time for pruning, keep these few things in mind to avoid causing harm to your trees:

  • Delay pruning for bleeders. Suppose you have walnuts, maples, birches, hornbeams, beaches, or yellowwood on your property. We call these trees “bleeders” as they release too much sap when cut. You can avoid this by skipping pruning until after the tree has fully grown foliage. 
  • Prune spring flowering trees after dropping flowers. 
  • Don’t prune elms and oaks between mid-April and mid-October. This helps prevent the introduction of pathogens. 
  • Promptly perform deadwood removal and prune storm-damaged limbs. This promotes quick wound closure and prevents potential hazards. 

Since different trees require different treatments, it’s best to work with an ISA-certified arborist when it comes to trimming your trees to ensure optimal results. 

Trust Your Local Tree Experts for Help

If you’re unsure about when to trim a tree in your yard, talk to the professionals at Life’s Tree Doctor. We provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Root removal and stump grinding

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