Why Do Trees Shed Their Bark in Marietta, GA?

Have you noticed flakes, large chunks, or long strips of bark falling off your tree? Sometimes, it’s just a natural occurrence. Other times, it may be a sign that you need to take action. By understanding the answer to “Why do trees shed their bark?” you’ll know whether it’s time to call a tree service in Marietta for help.

Why Do Trees Shed Their Bark?

Shedding bark is normal for some types of trees. Specifically, you can expect occasional bark shedding for a silver maple, birch, redbud, pine, hickory, or sycamore tree. 

Shedding bark can also be part of the growth process. Consider how a hermit crab loses its shell and seeks a new one. Similarly, shedding bark allows a tree more room to grow.

The bark in young trees is usually soft and flexible, making it easier for them to expand. However, as trees age, their bark will split, crack, or peel. You probably don’t need to worry if the tree looks healthy overall.  

Should You Be Concerned?

After asking, “Why do trees shed their bark?” you must determine whether your reason is cause for concern. You don’t need to be concerned if the shedding is seasonal or because of growth. However, if your tree is shedding bark and showing certain other signs, you’ll want to take action to protect it from damage.

After Sunny, Warm Days in Early Spring and Late Winter

Warm days in these seasons can bring a tree out of dormancy. But if it freezes again, the tree may experience sunscald in the form of tissue blemishes.

If You See Signs of Pests or Disease

You should get treatment if you notice any signs of pests or disease. Luckily, early treatment can often save your tree and reduce damage.

Signs of common diseases and pests include the following:

  • Discolored leaves
  • Dead or dying branches, twigs, or leaves
  • Cracks on the truck
  • Sawdust
  • Fuzzy fungus
  • Cankers
  • Dripping or oozing sap that is abnormal
  • Cracks in bark

During Extreme Temperature Changes

While it’s uncommon in Marietta, a surprise spell of frigid temperatures can lead to tree bark loss. Of more concern may be extreme heat-related stress. 

To prevent damage, be sure to keep your tree hydrated and use mulch to keep the soil moist. Leaving enough of the canopy intact when pruning can also help protect the rest of the tree’s structure from intense heat.

Get Help From Life’s Tree Doctor

Figuring out the answer to “Why do trees shed their bark?” is key to knowing whether you need to be concerned or can pass it off as a natural occurrence. Schedule an examination with a tree healthcare service professional who can give you the answers you need. Once you know the cause, you can decide whether you need to take action.

Concerned about the amount of bark your tree in Marietta, GA, is shedding? Give Life’s Tree Doctor a call at 678-543-5443 to keep your tree healthy.

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