Removing Tree Roots in Marietta, GA: How Pros Do It

Removing a tree is one thing. Removing tree roots is an entirely different process. Often, the process of removing tree roots is far more involved and complicated than most other elements of tree care. 

However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Marietta’s emergency tree removal services will clear out tree roots without issue. Our pros have the know-how to get it done as smoothly as possible. 

removing tree roots

Removing Roots With the Tree

In most cases, homeowners want to remove root systems alongside removing the tree itself. They may have already cut down the bulk of the tree, and now they want the rest gone. 

The most basic way to do this is through stump grinding. Stump grinding involves using intense machinery to grind the stump of the tree into chips. After this process, arborists can haul away the chips, leaving no trace of the stump behind. 

With the stump gone, the roots will die off on their own. Eventually, they will decay, and the ground will reabsorb them, though it can take up to ten years. 

Sometimes, arborists expedite this last part of the tree root removal process. They may cut or treat the roots with chemicals, including herbicides or Epsom salts. The result is earlier decay and root removal. 

Removing Roots Without Removing the Tree

Root pruning without removing the tree itself is a tricky process. Removing too much could hurt the tree. So, professionals follow a few key steps. 

Assess the Tree

The process of extracting tree roots begins with looking at the tree itself. Professionals examine the different parts of the tree to determine its overall condition. Specifically, they pay attention to the diameter of the tree trunk. 

An examination helps give a general idea of the size of the root system, alerting professionals to where they can start cutting. 

Cut the Roots

Now, the pros can proceed with removing tree roots. How exactly this happens will vary depending on your goals and the situation. 

Digging out tree roots is one of the most straightforward methods. Professionals dig into the ground and physically remove the tree roots. Root excavation like this is intensive but highly effective. 

Eliminating tree roots is also possible with chemical herbicides, which are very effective. However, they can damage other plants nearby and, thus, are generally not a great choice. 

Tree Care After Root Removal

After cutting the roots of the tree, the tree is in a vulnerable state. You should avoid pruning the tree any further for a while to allow the tree to recover from this process. 

Get Expert Help To Remove Tree Roots Safely

Removing tree roots is a delicate issue. Whether you want to do it after cutting down the tree or simply trim some of the nearby roots, you need to be careful. 

There are also other considerations to keep in mind. Will the removal damage your property? Do you need a tree removal permit?

Many times, you’re better off leaving tree root removal to the professionals. 

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