Can I Cut Tree Roots on My Property in Marietta, GA?

As tree roots grow outward, they can cause a number of problems for property owners, like heaving sidewalks, damaging sewer pipes, and creating a trip hazard. Are yo wondering, “Can I cut tree roots on my property in Marietta, GA?” This can be a tricky process for a homeowner to do safely without damaging the tree. 

Instead, trusting the work of Marietta’s top-rated emergency tree removal specialist is often your best option. Life’s Tree Doctor has the experience, know-how, and equipment for trimming tree roots safely.

Cutting Tree Roots Safely

Although the evolution of tree roots resulted in some significant changes to trees and to the planet over hundreds of millions of years, you might not pay much attention to them. You just want them to stop causing damage as they slowly expand through the soil.

However, before you start cutting tree roots on your own, it’s important to understand what you’re doing. Tree roots are vital to the health of the plant, including:

  • Holding the tree steady in the soil
  • Drawing water for the tree out of the soil
  • Pulling nutrients that the tree needs out of the soil

Dangers of Haphazard Tree Root Cutting

Can I cut tree roots on my property? It’s usually better to trust a licensed professional to do property tree root trimming. You then can rest assured that the job occurs safely.

Tree care experts make certain that any root removal leaves the tree in the best possible health while stopping property damage. Pros emphasize root cutting safety for the tree.

Haphazard tree root pruning could cause significant problems. Leaving a gouge in a main tree root could introduce the plant to disease or insects. Cutting roots near the house improperly could even lead to damage to your home.

Roots That Penetrate a Property Line

One of the trickiest situations with determining whether you can cut tree roots on your property is when the roots come from a neighbor’s tree. You may see DIY root pruning tips that tell you to go ahead and slice out the roots by whatever means necessary.

However, you actually should rely on a local tree care professional to ensure the work is done safely. You don’t want to damage your neighbor’s tree by clipping roots improperly. When you hire us to trim these types of roots, we speak with both parties to ensure everyone understands what we’re doing.

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If you are wondering, “Can I cut tree roots on my property on my own?” it’s certainly a tough job. Do the job incorrectly, and you could end up with quite a bit of unintended property and tree damage, including having your trees shed bark and become injured.

At Life’s Tree Doctor, you can trust our property tree root trimming experts to do the job in a worry-free manner for you. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Just call us and sit back and relax.

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