Is Mulching Around Trees Necessary in Marietta?

Whether you drive through a neighborhood, metropolitan city, or children’s playground, you’ll likely notice some mulching around trees. A lot of people feel that a mulch ring installation provides aesthetic value to the area, but many are surprised to learn that it actually serves a much more important purpose–preserving the tree’s health. 

Below, Life’s Tree Doctor, your go-to team for emergency tree removal services in Marietta, discusses how proper mulching practices preserve tree health. 

The Role of Mulch in Your Tree’s Health

To learn about mulching for tree health, you need to understand the physiology of tree roots. In many tree species, roots grow wide rather than deep. That means they must gather all of their nutrients from near the surface (usually just 6 to 12 inches deep).

Now, think of a normal forest floor. It usually has a solid layer of decaying leaves, rotten wood, dead branches, flowers, and other organic materials covering the soil. A forest also has plenty of plants that provide natural shade for the soil, trapping moisture below the natural mulch layers. 

In this forest-type environment, trees thrive because they have nutrient-dense soil, cool shade, and added moisture. These conditions don’t exist in your backyard, which may instead have a field of grass and direct sunlight. If your trees’ roots have minimal protection or a lack of nutrients for their tree roots, mulching around trees in your yard could be a simple solution.

The Benefits of Mulching: Key Statistics

Mulch offers nutrition, sun protection, and a moisture barrier for trees in barren landscapes, including suburban neighborhoods or city centers. Mulching around the base of trees gets great results because it mimics the conditions in which plants naturally thrive. 

For example, here are some of the primary tree mulch benefits:

  • Mulch can nearly double the rate at which trees grow.
  • Mulch prevents weed growth.
  • Mulch provides trees with key nutrients.
  • Mulch can delay up to 35% of water evaporation. 
  • Mulch protects root temperature during extreme conditions.

When Do Trees Require Mulching?

Trees require mulching the most when they’re young. As the tree matures, you can refresh the mulch ring annually, preferably in early spring, to prepare the tree for the growth season. 

What Type of Mulch Should You Buy?

The different mulch types for trees affect plant health and growth differently. You should only purchase organic mulch, but an arborist can also help you create your own organic blend using materials from your yard. 

Tips on Applying Mulch

Are you ready to apply mulch? Aside from using high-quality organic material, our arborist’s tips include the following:

  • Remove the grass beneath the mulching area.
  • Place the mulch circumference at least three feet from the tree’s trunk (mulch directly up against the tree trunk causes rot from excess moisture).
  • Make the mulch depth around trees around two to four inches.

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