What You Should Do With a Tree Blocking Your Driveway in Powder Springs, GA

You wake up the morning after a severe storm to find a tree blocking your driveway. Now what? 

Whether you have a car trapped under fallen tree debris or the tree has barricaded you from leaving your home, you need fast solutions. Below, Life’s Tree Doctor, the ultimate tree service in Powder Springs, GA, explains the three steps you should take for fallen tree removal driveway clearing. 

tree blocking driveway

#1 Assess the Tree Damage and Nearby Hazards

Are you in danger of any immediate hazards due to the fallen tree on your driveway? For example, if the tree fell across your driveway and onto your house, your roof could collapse at any second. If so, the family should evacuate immediately to wait for your emergency tree service driveway blockage team.

Another common hazard could be tree debris, branches, or limbs touching power lines. If a tree or its limbs fell on a nearby powerline, people and animals in the area are at risk of fire or electrocution. Call your local tree service company, utility company, and 911, especially if you notice any sparks!

#2 Call Your Local Tree Removal Experts

After assessing all of the damage, you can call local tree removal experts, like Life’s Tree Doctor, to request a quote for the cost of removing trees from driveways. Many certified arborists offer same-day tree removal for driveway access and the fast elimination of any tree-related safety hazards. 

Be prepared to provide detailed information over the phone to expedite the process. The team will likely ask you the estimated size of the tree and the extent of the damage. After scheduling the appointment, an estimator will arrive quickly to examine the damage, develop a quote, and create a safe, efficient removal plan. 

What You Can Expect From the Tree Removal Process

Tree work is a dangerous field. Certified arborists will use a measured approach when they remove the tree blocking your driveway. For example, depending on the tree’s size, the team may need to use cranes to lift portions of the tree. 

This professional team will also handle all debris cleanup, removing everything from your yard. That way, you can focus on the insurance for tree damage on driveways or the rest of your property.

#3 Contact Your Insurance To Fix Fallen Tree Damages

Sometimes, you may choose to contact your homeowner’s insurance prior to scheduling tree removal or after getting a quote. Usually, this decision depends on your policy and just how urgent the situation is. 

Ultimately, you will want to call your insurance company as soon as possible. Provide a full itemization of all damages and expected costs. That way, you can secure as much coverage for tree-related damages as possible. 

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A fallen tree blocking your driveway is a nuisance, but you can often prevent these expensive hazards with maintenance tips on ways to keep trees healthy. Why not get in touch with our certified arborists? Call Life’s Tree Doctor in Powder Springs, GA, at (678) 543-5443 today!

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