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Crane Tree Removal Service in Marietta, GA

Are you looking for a safe, efficient way to remove large, hazardous trees from your property? Look no further than Life’s Tree Doctor’s crane tree removal service in Marietta, GA. We use state-of-the-art hydraulic cranes when traditional tree removal methods are not feasible or safe.

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Reasons to Opt for Crane-Assisted Tree Removals

Crane-assisted tree removal is the preferred method for removing large, heavy trees located near homes, buildings, power lines, or other obstructions. Here are the key benefits of using a crane versus conventional tree removal methods:


Crane tree removal can carefully lower an entire tree and its severed sections exactly where intended, with minimal impact on the surroundings. This precision allows the crane to place the sections in an optimal location to avoid damaging the surrounding property, including your home, landscaping, and other trees. Using a crane gives the operator a 360-degree view of the entire area, making it easier to control the tree’s descent.


Removing trees using a crane is far safer than felling large trees or having tree climbers disassemble them piece by piece. It reduces risk to property, people, and your remaining trees. The controlled nature of lowering the tree sections mitigates the safety hazards associated with more manual tree removal methods. Workers are not put in dangerous positions scaling tall trees, there is no unpredictable tree fall, and the chances of property damage are significantly reduced.


A crane can access tight spaces and easily lift trees over buildings and obstacles that a bucket truck can’t reach. A tree crane’s long reach and maneuverability allow it to grab hold of trees in confined areas. It can also hoist the removed sections straight up and over any structures or obstacles in the area. This accessibility expands the options for tree removal sites.


Life’s Tree Doctor’s crane operators can remove most large trees in an hour or two. That’s because the crane does the heavy lifting, saving time and labor. Rather than a tree guy slowly dismantling a tree piece by piece from the ground or in the air, the crane can swiftly sever thick trunks and branches and then lower them safely. It shaves hours off traditional tree removal.

Clean up

Using the crane, we can remove waste as we work, leaving your property clear. The crane allows us to promptly hoist cut sections over to the truck for immediate cleanup. We take away the debris as we go for a spotless property when we finish. No more waiting until the end for a massive, messy heap of branches and logs to deal with.

Don’t let an inexperienced tree service company damage your property or put lives at risk. Life’s Tree Doctor has the expertise and equipment to remove any tree with precision, safety, and efficiency.

Our Step-by-Step Crane Tree Removal Process

Before we begin removing a hazardous tree, our team will arrive and thoroughly assess it, your property, and any other hazards. Here’s what you can expect when you choose Life’s Tree Doctor for your crane tree removal needs:

Area Preparation

We’ll prep the area around the tree, clearing obstructions and planning the drop zone. Our crew will survey the site and identify any items that need to be moved or protected, such as lawn furniture, vehicles, and other landscaping features. We determine the optimal place to lower and deposit the tree sections to avoid property damage.


Our tree removal crane operator will rig the tree with straps and cables so it can be detached and lowered safely. Our crane operator will expertly place specialized ropes, hooks, and lifts around the tree to control its descent and protect the surrounding areas. Proper rigging keeps the tree sections intact when severed from the stump.


We use advanced techniques to separate the tree from the stump and away from the surrounding trees. Applying their decades of practical experience, our crew strategically cuts the tree into manageable pieces while avoiding harm to nearby trees. We use equipment like chainsaws, wedges, and rigging to sever tree trunks and branches safely.


Our crane operator will carefully lower the severed tree pieces to the ground. With master precision, the tree segments will be lowered down exactly where intended to avoid any property damage. Our ground crew will then unhook the pieces and dispose of them properly. We’ll continue this step until the entire tree has been safely removed.


We’ll remove all debris, neaten the area, and grind the stump if required. Our team will gather all logs, branches, and leaves, load them into our truck, and completely clean the area. We’ll finish by using our cutting-edge stump grinding equipment to remove any remaining stump if you wish.

Our crew is highly trained and experienced in using cranes for tree removals. We follow strict safety protocols to protect your property, our team, and the general public.

Why Choose Life’s Tree Doctor for Crane Tree Removal

At Life’s Tree Doctor, we have the proper equipment and training to remove the largest and most challenging trees with precision, safety, and efficiency. Here’s why you should never think twice about choosing us for your tree removal needs:

  • Certified Arborists – Our crew includes ISA-certified arborists to ensure tree health and safety. Our arborists undergo extensive training to assess tree conditions and approach removals properly. They expertly implement tree removal techniques that protect the rest of your landscape.
  • Modern Equipment – We invest in the latest trucks, tree cranes, safety gear, and rigging equipment. Using the most modern gear allows us to safely and efficiently remove trees of all sizes. Our well-maintained equipment helps us get the job done right.
  • Safety Training – Our crane operators and ground crew undergo rigorous training to meet industry standards. We take safety extremely seriously. Our team is drilled in the safest tree removal methods to protect themselves, your property, and the public.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – We won’t quit until you’re 100% satisfied with the tree removal job. Your absolute satisfaction is our top priority. We’ll address any concerns and won’t consider the job done until you are happy.

Whether you have a large tree that needs to be removed or are looking for a more efficient and safe alternative to traditional tree removal methods, we’ve got you covered. Choose Life’s Tree Doctor for all your crane-assisted tree care needs.

Trust Life’s Tree Doctor for Expert Crane Tree Removal Services in Marietta

When it comes to safe, efficient tree removal in Marietta, Life’s Tree Doctor is the name you can trust. Our tree crane removal service is a game-changer for those with large, hazardous trees and limited access. Don’t risk property damage, injuries, or amateur mistakes with your tree removal needs. Let us handle it professionally from start to finish.

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